"..ingenious and accessible… just stop reading this and go play it." -Kotaku

"a surprisingly fun deck building game" -Penny Arcade

'Highgrounds' is 'Magic' without the cards" -The Verge

Highgrounds is an original multiplayer CCG. Collect over 240 unique characters! Each unit has 2 unique abilities, and carefully choosing which one to use to outwit your opponent is your challenge. You can play both asynchronously (if you like to play at a slow pace and/or juggle several games) or play in real-time matches.

Defeat your opponents by outmaneuvering them on the battlefield. WHERE you put your units is as important as WHEN you summon them. Front row or back row? 1st position or 2nd position? A well-timed move can spell defeat for your enemy… or for you.

Earn new units for your army by completing daily quests, and compete in our weekly leaderboard tournaments. Playing earns you gems you can use to buy booster packs with ultra rare and legendary characters.

Can you make it to the top of the Highgrounds? Find out now!

NOTE: With the removal of Flash support by most major browsers, Highgrounds is not currently accessible. We will update this page if an alternate way to play the game becomes available. Please join our Discord for more information.

Check out the 200+ units in the game in this user created

Character Database!

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Release date Jun 02, 2016
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
AuthorHeart Shaped Games
GenreStrategy, Card Game
Tagsccg, Multiplayer, PvP, Turn-based
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer


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dude the boat is glitching


You need to ghost multiplayer matches when no match is found after some duration.  As-is the wait for a real-time game makes the game feel completely dead.

great game, i just don't like the random disconnections


Y'all should allow us to make 100+ character decks, make it so that the places produce more resources, and make the number of characters we draw from our decks higher, like maybe triple resource production, triple the number of characters we draw, and maybe quadruple (x4) the size of the playing field, but we don't have to play this way, we could still play the current way.

I have no way to get a character that takes 1-2 crystal and produces at least 1, so I can't use any of my crystal characters. My in-game name is also WreckinPoints11.

Hi WreckinPoints,

Thanks a lot for playing. The game is setup such that you have a Gold starter deck, and then can unlock a Forest starter deck after the 4th mission. The crystal faction does require slightly more play time to acquire as a free player., but there are a lot of ways to get what you need. The campaign awards you with specific cards from all 3 factions, including resource producers. You can use the free gems earned from quests to get the units you need from the Starter Bundle in the shop, or less reliably from the booster packs. Finally, you can use the Crafting Menu from within the Deck Editor, in order to exchange any extra units for ones you don't have. I hope that helps!

Oh! Ok! I really enjoy this game, and I just wanted to let you know about that, so since you tell me that, then it's safe to say that I'll need the crystal characters in the future. But thank you for making such an amazing game, 10/5 stars!

Thank you, so glad you like it. Thanks for playing.

Flash doesnt work inside of itch.io app

Is it campatable with windows 10?For some reason I can't install it.

Same here...plz help!

it didn't work for me either ;(

The operating system should not be limiting. You can play directly within your browser here, or at Http://www.highgroundsgame.com

this would be great for mobile devices

A 12 outta 10 game

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Thank you! Glad you're enjoying it